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Using the VIA Survey - Inventory of Strengths

The VIA Survey measures the individual’s strengths of character, such as love, teamwork, curiosity, gratitude, social intelligence, creativity, and self-regulation, which are valued in and of themselves. The VIA Survey has established good reliability and validity. When individuals complete the VIA-Survey, they learn about who they really are at their core. They garner a closer understanding of this often-neglected aspect of their personality, which they can then tap into to help themselves and others.

  • For self-awareness: to promote mindfulness of one’s signature strengths, middle strengths, and lesser strengths.
    • Since deeper awareness often leads to insights which can lead to change, it is possible that strengths knowledge (and practice therein) can lead to students becoming more informed on possible career paths they might choose. Note that this is very different from an authority or counselor telling or guiding a student in a direction based on certain results.
  • For promoting positivity: To catalyze pleasure, engagement, meaning through awareness of one’s strengths that could then be used with greater frequency, intensity, or duration; and/or with greater balance, fluency, and savvy.
  • For improving workplace productivity and relationships. Employees become more engaged, productive, and happy when they use their strengths at work thus the VIA Survey is important for helping to catalyze strengths awareness, appreciation, and deployment in this setting. Employees can align their strengths with their current work tasks (e.g., using creativity on a work project); employers can assist employees in brainstorming possibilities and even craft jobs in ways to help employees maximize their best qualities. 

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