Organisational Psychology

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    August, 2018
    How Organisations can reap the benefits of having Happy and Motivated workers

    Posted by : Positive Psychology in the Workplace

    Category : Organisational Psychology

    " by Roy Tan, 7-August-2018   I remember many years ago, after working as a Sales Engineer for a couple of years, I felt as if I was never appreciated for the efforts that I had put in and the management only cares about profit. This made my commitment and motivation de... "
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    July, 2018
    Why getting fired is worse than divorce or the death of a spouse

    Posted by : Trauma of losing a job

    Category : Organisational Psychology

    " Bloomberg, London, 27 April 2017  "It's just not working out" may be some of the most heartbreaking words in the English language, leading to months of anguish, self-questioning and sleepless nights. Even worse: when they come from your boss. Fired employees never ... "